Gifting jewellery is such a personal task that it takes time to strike gold and find the perfect ring, chain or bracelet — one the recipient can treasure forever. Whether you’re thinking fashion-forward pendants or classic watches, we can help you on your search.

No matter if you’re buying for a friend, partner or family member, there are several tricks that can make jewellery shopping easier — even if you don’t know your 9ct gold jewellery from your diamond drop earrings

In this blog post, we share our expert tips to help make choosing that special keepsake a simpler task. 


A Question of Taste and Style

The first question you need to ask yourself is simple; what sort of jewellery does the person you’re buying for usually wear? If they have a favourite colour then maybe a stylish, similarly-hued gemstone ring is the answer. 

Many of us have preferred metals when it comes to jewellery, so that’s another option to consider. Maybe your loved one is guaranteed to go wild for white gold accessories, in which case a pair of diamond stud earrings could make the perfect gift.

Marking a Special Occasion

If you’re buying a special gift, chances are that it’s for a big event like a birthday, anniversary or wedding. The bigger the occasion, the bigger the impression you’ll want to make — perhaps a 9ct gold charm bracelet or a show-stopping diamond ring would fit the bill.

For wedding anniversaries, don’t forget that each year traditionally has a material associated with it. Silver marks our 25th wedding anniversaries, ruby is for 40th anniversaries and gold helps celebrate 50 years. It’s hard to go wrong with a gift that ties in with these cherished traditions.

Classics are Classic for a Reason

A select few items of jewellery are simply inseparable from ideas of elegance and sophistication. When you want to treat a loved one to something they’ll fall in love with at first sight, it’s very difficult to go wrong with a classic diamond necklace

On the other hand, maybe that special someone you’re buying for is very fashion conscious and always looking to jump on the latest styles. In that case, why not do a little detective work to see what their favourite taste-makers are wearing? This is sure to help you find the perfect on-trend gift.

Ask a Friend’s Opinion...

If you’ve considered all these options and still find yourself at a loss, why not call on some extra help? Discreetly chatting to a friend or relative of the person you’re buying for is a smart way of working out whether your gift ideas are on the right lines or not. 

There are various ways that you can approach this. Whether you simply want some initial inspiration or already have some styles in mind and need a second opinion, getting someone else's perspective before purchasing can be invaluable.

… Or Just Ask them Yourself!

There’s something truly special about the moment where a loved one opens a present without knowing its contents, only to find a gift they absolutely love! But as jewellery is such a personal gift, it can sometimes be tricky to buy for other people even if you know them very well. With this in mind, it could be better to just ask the person you’re buying for to pick out some jewellery for themself. 

To retain an element of surprise, you could ask them to pick out a few different styles that you can have the final choice on. Or, you could even treat them to a fun day out in Hatton Garden with pit-stops for food and other entertainment.

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