After much anticipation, the spring 2020 jewellery trends are starting to make their way from the runway to the highstreet. This season, designers got playful with a range statement jewellery from oversized chains to brightly coloured beads and heirloom inspired pieces.

These spring 2020 trends are shopable now, whether you’re wanting to make a bold statement or prefer to invest in a more traditional and classic look. This can mean only one thing: it’s time to update your accessories.

In this blog, you will get a preview of the upcoming biggest trends in the jewellery sector.

Chunky Chains

Do you have a maximalist style? The hip-hop thick chain trend has made a reappearance for the spring 2020 fashion forecast, having taken the place of dainty chains and pendants. Although a somewhat daring trend which reaps an edgy vibe, these chains can be worn in a variety of ways; whether you’re wanting a more subtle look or to wear as a statement piece. We recommend investing in a 9ct gold chain necklace or consider a chain bracelet to create a look that is slightly more sleek and understated. 

Oversized Hoops

The hoop earring trend is bigger and better than ever, and although it’s been around for many seasons, it certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether they’re 9ct gold large hoop earrings or oversized and embellished with diamonds, hoop earrings are a statement jewellery piece that can be seen across the highstreet and is ripe among celebrities. Having trickled down to highstreet stores and online retailers over the last few years, if you haven’t already jumped on this trend, now is the time. 

Colourful Jewellery

Leave the notorious silver and gold jewellery pieces behind and begin dressing yourself in colourful bangles and beads.  With the colour palette for this season being the epitome of bright modern colour classics, from coral pink, to bright orange and fiery red, this spring provides the perfect excuse to go bold. Indulge yourself into these seasonal colours with brightly coloured jewellery, with gemstones and beads that will be sure to lift any outfit. 

Single Earring

This season, earrings are going solo. Although this may be a trend that many will be unsure of, the single earring has been seen all over fashion catwalks, from studs all the way to oversized chandelier designs. With Valentino and JW Anderson using the shoulder-brushing single earring to make for a unique statement piece which breaks the rules, why not attempt to style this into your spring wardrobe?

Heirloom Inspired

Whether you’re planning to raid your grandma’s jewellery box or you’re shopping for second hand jewellery online, heirlooms are very much a trend for the upcoming spring months. Dress up any outfit with a gemstone necklace or integrate a vintage watch into a everyday outfit to always keep on top of this fashion trend. No matter your style, the heirloom trend is easy to replicate and will add a sophisticated touch.


If you prefer a more classic style of jewellery, then the use of pearls within any jewellery piece will create a timeless, elegant and classy look. Whether you love the simple look of pearl studs or you prefer a more decadent style with a string of pearls to wear around your neck, they’re a must-have this fashion season. They’re also a popular choice for hair accessories, including headbands, clips and bobbles.

Sustainable Fashion

Using recycled materials in an attempt to become more sustainable has been seen in the world of fashion for the last few years. Consequently, a pivotal talking point for 2020 jewellery fashion was the use of raw natural materials such as shell, wood and stone. Alongside this, the sale of second hand jewellery and jewellery crafted from carefully sourced recycled metals is becoming increasingly popular. 


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