There’s no doubt that your proposal will be one of the most memorable moments of your life – just ask any married couple. But actually planning how to propose to the love of your life is no easy process. Whether you’re still considering if it’s the right decision or you’ve already bought the engagement ring, there’s no better time than now to start planning how to pop the question. In this blog, we highlight some useful tips to help you plan the perfect proposal.  

Drop Some Feelers

In the months leading up to the big moment you should try dropping some subtle hints about marriage to see how your partner feels about it. It goes without saying that you should be very cautious with this approach as one wrong move could give away the whole plan! One way to do this discreetly could be to casually talk about the future and where you both see the relationship going over the next five or ten years. Alternatively, if you have any friends or family that have recently been engaged or married you could bring this up and gauge your partner’s reaction.  

Consider Locations

The location of your proposal is one of the most important considerations that you’ll need to make. If your partner doesn’t like public attention then it’s probably not the best idea to propose in a crowded restaurant. Most people choose to pop the question at a location that holds sentimental value to the both of you, such as the place that you first met each other, the bar where you had your first kiss, or even the destination that you went on your first holiday together.  

Plan Your Speech

When it comes to your speech it’s usually best to keep it as natural as possible, however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan it in advance. Some people choose to keep it simple with just one or two lines before dropping down to one knee, others not so much. If you choose to go for a longer speech then we’d recommend having some prompt cards on-hand to keep you on the right track – if you try to memorise a full speech word-by-word then it probably won’t feel authentic.  

Plan A Backstory

The element of surprise is crucial if you want the perfect proposal. One great way to do this is to plan a backstory in order to throw off your partner. For example, if you’re planning to propose at the restaurant where you had your first date then you could coincide this with a special occasion such as your anniversary, or even a smaller occasion like a new client win at work. In addition, it could be wise to avoid telling anyone that you’re planning to propose unless you absolutely need to.  

Plan The Celebrations

Don’t forget to plan for the moment after your proposal too. You’ve just started the next chapter of your lives together, so it’s only right to celebrate! This could be anything from having a bottle of champagne at the ready to preparing a night full of romantic activities, starting with your proposal. Try to be creative and consider your partner’s tastes and you won’t go wrong.  

Find The Perfect Ring

Finding the right engagement ring for your partner is no easy task. Make sure to do thorough research so that you can ask all the right questions when you go to browse rings in-store. You might also want to have a look at some of the most popular engagement ring styles before starting your search. Don’t forget to find out your partner’s ring size too – the proposal will be far more memorable if the ring slips on perfectly first time. If you’re struggling to find the perfect engagement ring within your budget, then you might want to consider buying it on finance. Here at Hatton Jewellers we offer 0% Interest-Free Finance so that you can spread the cost of your engagement ring over a time period that suits you best. Another popular option that can help to make your budget stretch further is to buy a second hand engagement ring.  

Have A Plan B

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you have a backup plan. It’s important to remember that life can sometimes get in the way – if the moment doesn’t feel right then there’s no point rushing into it.   Do you have any tips or recommendations for planning a proposal? Why not let us know on Instagram or Facebook?