Stunning bridal jewellery will help you turn heads as you walk down the aisle. Whether you’re a bride or groom, an eye-catching selection of gold wedding jewellery will help to bring your outfit together. Wear sentimental jewellery to add a personal touch to your special day or why not try coordinating jewellery to really show your unity as a soon-to-be married couple?

We know couples spend plenty of time planning the outfit for their wedding day. Having a dress or suit to make you feel extra special is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it’ll set the tone for the whole wedding day. With this in mind, you should always think about the smaller details of your outfit. Strategically-placed jewellery, such as bracelets, brooches or diamond earrings, can make a wedding gown look sensational. 

In this blog post, Hatton Jewellers highlights top wedding jewellery trends for brides and grooms…

Popular Bridal Jewellery Styles

No bridal outfit is complete without a piece of classic gold jewellery to really help your look sparkle as you walk down the aisle. Choose a stunning necklace or pair of diamond earrings to match your dazzling engagement ring, or go for a locket holding a sentimental message that you can carry with you on your magical day. 

What Jewellery Should A Bride Wear? 

There are four pieces of jewellery all brides should consider wearing for their wedding day, depending on the neckline or your wedding dress and personal style: your engagement ring, a pair of earrings, a stunning necklace and a sophisticated bracelet or bangle. 


  • A Dazzling Diamond Ring 

You guessed it - no wedding is complete without a show-stealing engagement ring. It’s where your wedding journey began, after all. Make sure your engagement ring is still the star of the big day - accompanied by your brand new wedding band! 

You can’t go wrong by choosing a simple style like stud earrings, or drop earrings for a classy yet glamorous look. If you’re planning on wearing your hair in an up-do, striking dangle earrings are a gorgeous accompaniment. 

  • Bridal Necklace

When you choose a fine gold chain, you’ll be able to select the perfect length to suit your wedding gown. If you’re wearing a low-cut wedding dress, you can also express yourself with a stunning diamond pendant to match your sparkling engagement ring. 

  • A  Beautiful Bracelet

Make sure your bracelet doesn’t overshadow your wedding ring by wearing it on your right wrist. Choose a demure solid gold bangle or link bracelet to draw attention to your arms, but be mindful not to go over the top on diamonds or gemstones

How To Match Your Bridal Jewellery To Your Engagement Ring

  • Coordinate Your Colours 

One of the most popular jewellery trends amongst brides is to wear jewellery that complements the engagement ring or wedding band. By this, we mean taking inspiration from your ring in terms of the colours and design. For example, if your engagement ring is made from solid white gold, ensure that the earrings or necklace you’re wearing are also crafted from white gold. Similarly, if your engagement ring or wedding band features a coloured gemstone, then a pendant or pair of earrings with the same gemstone would be a perfect match! 

  • Stick To A Consistent Style 

You can match your bridal jewellery and engagement ring by choosing pieces that have a similar feel and style, if not the same design. 

If you have more of a minimalist-style engagement ring, such as a solitaire diamond with a plain band, then it would make sense to wear a more simplistic style of earring or necklace, such as stud earrings. However, if your engagement ring is a more unusual style such as an emerald cut, then a head-turning drop pendant with an emerald cut diamond could be the perfect match. You can, of course, mix and match diamond cuts across your bridal jewellery collection too - every element of your outfit doesn’t need to be perfectly coordinated! 

All in all, taking the time to study the general style, colours and features of your ring will go a long way in helping you find your dream bridal jewellery combination 

  • Contrast Consciously

If you’re going to create a contrasting look with your bridal jewellery, make sure you do it mindfully - not just by throwing on a selection of your favourite pieces and hoping they look good together. 

Bring together different styles by adding a vintage bracelet as your ‘something borrowed’ alongside your ‘something new’ contemporary diamond ring. Our word of caution, though, is to avoid adding too many colours or styles into the mix. Make sure you only contrast one element of your jewellery, whether that be colour or style. 

  • Stay Away From Too Many Rings

We’d always recommend avoiding wearing multiple rings alongside your engagement ring and wedding band – it’s important that these remain the main focus throughout the full day. If you’re keen to bring the bling, think about adding a diamond-encrusted bracelet or anklet. 

  • Experiment In Advance

If you have time then we’d recommend experimenting with different types of jewellery in the run-up to your wedding day in order to see what looks best. Stand in front of a mirror and try out different combinations of jewellery to discover what precious pieces look the best alongside your engagement ring. When you know, you know! 

Choosing The Perfect Match For Your Wedding Dress

Most gold jewellery will look stunning paired with a white or ivory wedding dress as you can choose between yellow, rose and white gold to make sure you pick the perfect match. 

Yellow gold brings with it sensational shine and a lovely pop of colour which works beautifully against any shade of ivory. Rose gold is another charming choice, particularly for warmer white dresses, with its pretty pink hue being the true definition of romance. Finally, white gold is a wonderful choice for brides going for a cooler colour theme - white gold looks particularly beautiful paired with silver or light blue. 

So once you’ve picked the colour, what about the style? 

Choose a necklace that will work well with your overarching style - if your dress is simple and sophisticated, there’s room to really stand-out with a statement piece of jewellery. However, if your dress is already adorned with sequins and intricate embroidery, a more elegant, plain piece of jewellery is likely to look best. 

This rule of thumb also works when it comes to design. A 50s-style vintage dress looks gorgeous teamed with antique jewellery pieces! An ultra-modern dress is likely to look best with the latest jewellery trends. 

Finally, choose a necklace to match your neckline

For the strapless or off-the-shoulder dress, you’ll likely want to draw attention up to your face so a dazzling pair of drop earrings are sure to do the trick. A collar-length necklace is also a top choice for this style of dress for a beautifully balanced look, though if you’re opting for a chain necklace below 16”, we’d recommend measuring your neck first to ensure it’ll be a comfortable fit on your wedding day. 

Halterneck dress lovers might want to steer clear of a necklace, which could overcrowd the neckline. Adding a pop of colour with gemstone earrings could be the perfect way to draw attention to your face - the big day is all about you, after all. 

A V-neck wedding dress provides the perfect canvas for a simple and sophisticated drop necklace. It’ll draw attention to the statement piece, without looking too busy or over the top. If glitz and glam is your theme for the day, a head-turning set of pearls is sure to do the trick. 

Wedding Jewellery For The Groom

So you’re all suited and booted but, to make sure you’re groom-ed to perfection, you should consider adding a touch of bling to your wedding outfit. Whether you prefer a classic, understated style or you don’t mind going OTT with your jewellery collection, there are plenty of ways to accessorise a groom’s outfit with tasteful men’s jewellery

Top 5 Pieces Of Jewellery For Grooms

  • Your Brand New Wedding Band 

If you’re opting to wear a wedding ring, you’ll want to make sure the rest of your wedding day jewellery ensemble matches the star of the show! For example, a yellow gold wedding ring should be paired with a gold chain or cufflinks, whereas a white gold or platinum ring goes beautifully with a silver watch. 

  • Watch Out For The Perfect Watch

Watches have always been a popular accessory for men at weddings. The most popular watches for weddings feature a large dial, as this helps to draw attention to your wrist which in turn accentuates the wedding band on your ring finger. For additional style points, ensure that the colour of your watch matches your wedding band. If you really want to add extra bling to your big day, a Rolex-inspired ring is sure to make a statement when paired with your Rolex or Rolex-style watch. 

  • Wedding Day Cufflinks 

Cufflinks and tie pins are often overlooked as essential jewellery accessories for grooms, but they’re a great way to make an outfit look more formal and high-class which is simply perfect for your wedding day. Many grooms are being more adventurous by adding colourful cufflinks to match the day’s colour scheme, their other accessories or even the bride’s fashion choice. 

  • Go For A Gold Chain or An Understated Groom’s Necklace 

If you’re a fan of bling, allow a gold chain to feature as part of your big day. Chains come in a range of styles, lengths and widths, so you can be sure to find the perfect pairing for your suit. 

For an understated look, tuck the chain under your suit for the wedding itself and, when the top button comes undone and the tie comes off for the less formal reception, you can allow your gold chain to shine! 

Another alternative for style-savvy grooms is to attach your chain to the front of your dinner jacket. It’s a sure-fire way to make a statement, especially if you choose a diamond-encrusted iced out chain

  • Chic Diamond Earrings

If you wear men’s earrings as part of your day-to-day look, there’s no reason why your wedding day should be any different. Opt for a classic diamond stud earring to add some dapper dazzle to your wedding ensemble. 

How To Match Jewellery With Your Suit 

One way that grooms use jewellery to complete their outfit is colour co-ordination; matching the colours of your accessories with other colours from your outfit is a great way to pull an outfit together. Let’s say that you’re wearing a blue pocket square; blue cufflinks would match well. 

Some grooms are even using striking wedding jewellery to draw attention to their fiancée’s engagement ring. For example, if your fiancée is wearing a diamond engagement ring with a ruby gemstone then a red tie clip would go down well. 

Our Top Tips For Choosing Wedding Jewellery

  • Find A Look You Love

Okay, this one’s obvious, but it’s so important you feel confident on your wedding day! If you don’t normally wear earrings, for example, don’t feel you have to jazz up your outfit just because you’re getting married. Go with a style you’re comfortable with, and you won’t look back. 

  • Choose Your Outfit First

Whether you’re a bride or groom, always choose your wedding outfit before picking out your jewellery. You can’t match a bracelet or chain to a dress or suit without seeing the outfit first! 

  • Less Is More

Choosing your bridal jewellery isn’t a tick box exercise. You don’t have to have a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings and ankle bracelet to be aisle-ready. Only wear pieces of jewellery that complement your whole outfit and make you feel fantastic. There’s no benefit in piling on the bling just because you feel you have to. 

  • Only Pick Timeless Pieces

Selecting solid gold jewellery should be your top priority. No one wants to end up with a green ring on their finger, a tarnished necklace or a stained wedding dress. Knowing how to spot fake gold from solid, quality gold jewellery is key here - especially if you’re browsing online. Never go for the cheap, gold-plated option. You should select truly timeless, quality pieces of solid gold jewellery for your wedding day to make sure that your bridal jewellery, like your romance, lasts you a lifetime. 

  • Invest in A Future ‘Something Borrowed’

Traditions have to start somewhere. If you don’t already have a jewellery heirloom to be your ‘something borrowed’, then why not invest in a particularly precious piece you can pass through the generations? Select a quality piece of jewellery your loved ones will wear with pride when their big day comes, knowing it reminds them of you. 

Where To Buy Wedding Jewellery

You can buy jewellery for your wedding both online and in high-street stores. Make sure you choose to shop from a reputable jeweller - they don’t have to specialise in bridal jewellery, but the jeweller you choose should: 

  1. Have visible reviews and testimonials
  2. Ensure all solid gold jewellery is hallmarked
  3. Have professional accreditations, such as having an Assay Assured trustmark or belonging to the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ)
  4. Send you a certificate of authenticity / insurance valuation so you know the piece of jewellery you received is high quality 
  5. Be easy to contact - look out for live chat facilities or an email address / phone number you can contact to ask any questions 

Here at Hatton Jewellers, it’s a privilege to help brides and grooms choose the perfect wedding jewellery for their big day. Our friendly, expert team is always on-hand to answer any questions, ensuring you have full peace of mind when buying jewellery from us. Make sure your day is as special as you are by choosing quality, unforgettable jewellery. 

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