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The Ultimate Guide To Hoop Earrings

The Ultimate Guide To Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are one of the most long-standing jewellery trends. They can be seen throughout history yet are still a firm favourite with celebrities today. With a huge range of hoop sizes and styles out there, there truly is something for everyone and every occasion when it comes to choosing a pair of gold hoops. 

In this guide, Hatton Jewellers’ expert team share their knowledge on hoop earrings. 

What Are Hoop Earrings?

A hoop earring creates a continuous-looking hoop from the earlobe. They can come in an array of metals, styles and sizes from large hoop earrings to smaller huggie hoop earrings. 

The History of Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings may have more of a rich history than you could ever imagine. Worn by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, hoop earrings can be seen throughout history all the way back to around 2500 B.C.E where the first hoop earrings originated in Nubia. It’s thought that in 1500 B.C.E hoop earrings were worn amongst men and women in society to symbolise wealth. 

There are some similarities between the meaning of today's hoop earrings and the symbolic meaning through history. While they began as a way to identify tribal members, they quickly turned into a symbol of religion and power. Although gold hoop earrings make a fantastic fashion statement in today's society, some cultures still view hoop earrings as a religious emblem. 

Who Invented Hoop Earrings?

Mesopotamia, the historical religion of Africa, was thought to be the first civilisation that wore hoops in 2500 B.C.E with women predominantly wearing hoop earrings. 

What Do Hoop Earrings Symbolise? 

Hoop earrings are one of the oldest fashion trends. But what do they symbolise? There are several meanings behind the hoop earrings, such as:

  • Strength and international fashion;
  • Unity, infinity, and wholeness;
  • Respectful nods to the Dominican and African cultures where they originated from. 

Different Types of Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings come in all shapes and sizes, from small delicate hoops to larger hoops that are thicker in style. 

What Are Creole Hoop Earrings?

Croele hoop earrings have a hoop that is of an inconsistent thickness or elongated shape such as an oval. They can come in a variety of shapes and textures and usually feature a hinge closing. 

What Are Classic Hoop Earrings?

Classic hoop earrings are typically considered to be a round tube-style hoop. They come in a range of different sizes, making them the perfect piece of jewellery for any occasion. 

What Are Wire-Loop Earring?

Wire-loop earrings are one of the simplest forms of hoop earrings. A small loop is simply formed at one end of the hoop with a slight bend at the other end to form a catch for the earring. 

What Are Hinged Hoop Earrings?

Hinged hoop earrings are typically thicker than other hoop alternatives, with a thinner wire that goes through the ear. One end of the thin piece of wire is hinged with the other end, attaching to the hoop earring itself. 

What Are Endless Hoop Earrings?

The idea of a continuous hoop earring is that you’re unable to see the closure for a truly seamless look. The closure is designed to slide into the hollow end of the hoop earring to keep it in place and secured.

What Are Huggie Hoop Earrings?

Wondering what the difference is between a huggie and a hoop? Huggie hoop earrings are a style of hoops that are small in style, meaning the earrings sit close to the earlobe. They are usually slightly chunkier in size compared to your typical hoop earrings which helps you make a statement with your gold hoops without having to choose the largest size. Huggie hoops are often finished with a butterfly back or hinged closure for a comfortable fit. 

Huggie hoop earrings can come in a variety of styles, from solid gold to diamond embellished hoops, so there’s always a huggie hoop earring out there for you depending on the look you’re wanting to go for.

How To Put In Hoop Earrings?

The way you put your hoop earrings in will greatly depend on the style and fastening of hoop earrings you own. It is important to only use a small amount of pressure when you’re putting in your hoop earring to avoid misshaping the most delicate styles. Ensure both hoop earrings are fully secured and closed before going about your day to avoid losing a hoop!

How To Wear Hoop Earrings 

A simple hoop earring can elevate your whole look. They are a timeless jewellery staple that can be worn for any occasion. If you’re new to hoops, huggie earrings are the perfect starting point as they are smaller in size and hug your earlobe meaning they won’t get caught during the day. For more of a statement look, a mid size hoop earring would be perfect for wearing from day to night, elevating any outfit. If you’re looking for an even bolder look, opting for a large or maxi hoop earring is certain to give the maximum earring impact.

How To Style Your Hair With Hoop Earrings

To really show off your hoop earrings, style your hair in a simple updo. A low ponytail or bun will help to make your thick gold hoop earrings pop. For a more subtle hoop earring look, leaving your hair down will allow your hoops to periodically shine through your hair for an effortlessly stylish look. 

What Top To Wear With Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings are extremely versatile and therefore can be worn with just about anything. Whether you’re wearing a V-Neck top or a stunning midi dress, they’re sure to complete the whole look. However, if you’re wanting to make a little more of an impact, a turtle neck top is a match made in heaven, especially for large hoop earrings.

What Size Hoop Earrings Should I Get?

The size of hoop earrings you should choose is predominantly down to personal preference. If you’re looking for an everyday earring, a smaller hoop is a great choice for enhancing those smart casual outfits or getting you ready for brunch with your friends. If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd, a large hoop earring is the ideal addition to any Saturday night party outfit. 

The width of your hoop earring will also affect the overall look. A thinner hoop is typically more casual, while a thicker hoop will look a little more extravagant. 

Will Hoop Earrings Suit My Face Shape?

Hoop earrings are an extremely versatile piece of jewellery and everyone can find a perfect pair of hoops to suit them. However, a large hoop earring is a great choice for those with more of a square shaped face, this is because hoop earrings will help to soften angular features such as a strong jawline. For an oval shaped face, huggie hoops will help to flatter your cheekbones and face length. For a rounded face shape, a creole hoop will help to elongate your face. 

How To Clean Hoop Earrings?

Jewellery looks at its best when it’s sparkling and clean - your earrings are no exception. Cleaning is essential to ensure your gold doesn’t tarnish. Follow these simple steps to make sure your hoops are always looking their best:

  • Run a bowl of warm water and add a small amount of soap.
  • Soak your hoop earrings and proceed to gently wipe away any build-up with a soft cloth.
  • Rinse your jewellery with warm water to get rid of any leftover soap.
  • Gently dry your jewellery with a soft, clean cloth.


For more information on cleaning your jewellery, take a look at our gold jewellery care guide.

Our Hoop Earring Heroes

Hoop earrings have been a favourite among celebrities for many years. With celebs from Cardi B to Rihanna continuously sporting exaggerated hoops on the red carpet, here are our top three hoop earring heroes: 


American singer, actress and star of The Greatest Showman, Zendaya, has always been a lover of hoop earrings. Her appearance at Louis Vuitton’s 2017 Resort collection in Rio showed the true impact that an oversized hoop can have. 

Cardi B

Cardi B is known for her extravagant iced out jewellery collection with her personality shining through her pieces of jewellery. Honouring her young daughter, the “WAP” singer even owns a pair of personalised iced out 'Kulture' earrings. To find out more about iced out jewellery take a look at our guide.


Rihanna is known for loving a big hoop moment, and for never shying away from extravagant fashion. However, when she was spotted in New York in 2013, her extra large hoop earrings truly did become a talking point!

Where To Buy Gold Hoop Earrings?

When buying gold hoop earrings, make sure that you're purchasing from a reputable jeweller. This will help to ensure that your high quality hoops will be part of your jewellery collection for many years to come. When you’re looking to buy jewellery online, make sure you do your research. Consider reading reviews from established review sites such as Trustpilot as well as ensuring that your jeweller of choice has a returns policy. 

Here at Hatton Jewellers, any jewellery you buy comes packaged with an authenticity certificate, so you can shop with confidence. We also offer a 14-day return or exchange policy to offer you complete peace of mind.

For more of our articles check out the Hatton Jewellers blog.