Shopping for a gorgeous piece of new jewellery, whether it’s for yourself or a gift, can be an exciting purchase. Making the right choice can be difficult though, especially when you have to choose between so many different options. 

There's no better feeling than purchasing a brand new pair of diamond earrings, a sparking chain or a bold new ring but, for some, pre-owned jewellery is still a preferred option.

In recent years, the used jewellery market has grown massively, with higher demand from customers leading to a larger number of reputable online jewellers selling pre-owned jewellery. To shed some light on the new vs used debate, we’ve put together this blog post to discuss some of the pros and cons of purchasing new or second-hand jewellery.


The Pros of Buying New Jewellery

Typically, the most common option is to buy new jewellery from a reputable supplier, like Hatton Jewellers. There are many benefits when buying new jewellery, from having confidence in knowing your precious piece is authentic and hallmarked to being able to browse a wide selection of stunning new bling.

Here are the top three benefits of buying new sparkling pieces for your collection…

You’re the first to own the jewellery

Being the first person to own a piece of jewellery is a great feeling, especially if your jewellery is bespoke and custom-made or even a rare piece. You can care for your beautiful new piece correctly so it won't get damaged or tarnished, while also knowing that it hasn’t been damaged or affected by a previous owner.

Customise your beautiful pieces

When buying new jewellery there are many customisation options available that you simply can’t benefit from when buying pre-owned jewellery. Revel in the opportunity to make the piece your own, whether you choose to add custom gemstones to a pre-designed piece or create your own piece from scratch.

Strong sentimental value

A combination of being the first owner of a jewellery piece and customising a specific piece of jewellery will make that piece feel much more personal to you. Plus, if you decide to pass down a unique piece of jewellery that you were the first to own, your children can treasure a gorgeous piece that resembles your personality more closely than a pre-owned piece would.


Does New Jewellery Cost More?

Realistically, there are very few drawbacks to buying brand new jewellery. However, you should expect that new jewellery will have a higher price tag than used jewellery. But, even though the price tag is higher, you can guarantee you’ll receive a glistening piece that is not only tarnish-free but also hallmarked to ensure authenticity.


The Benefits of Buying Used Jewellery

Although there are clear benefits to buying new jewellery that doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits to buying pre-owned pieces too. 

Lower price tag

Pre-owned jewellery typically won’t be sold with the same mark-up as new jewellery, allowing you to get the piece your heart desires without breaking the bank. Paying a lower price could allow you to be more ambitious with your jewellery search. Perhaps instead of buying a brand new 6mm rope chain, you can now afford a second hand 10mm belcher chain?

This being said, at Hatton Jewellers we offer a range of stunning jewellery in our sale, which allows you to purchase brand new jewellery at a lower price.

A potentially good investment

Paying a lower price for second-hand pieces will likely mean that your jewellery will retain its value for a much longer period of time. If you choose gold jewellery, you may also be able to benefit from the ever-rising price of gold in a few years, should you decide to sell. 

High-quality jewellery

It’s a common misconception that buying used jewellery is lower in quality but this is unlikely if you’re buying from a reputable supplier. Of course, there may be slight wear and tear on the jewellery though, which you won’t get with a brand new piece of jewellery.

If you do decide to buy used jewellery, you should make sure that your retailer is an Assay Assured jewellery specialist. You may also want to read some of their reviews on a credible site, like Trustpilot, for peace of mind. 

More sustainable

The environmental impact of mining diamonds and gemstones is a serious issue, particularly in areas of conflict. When buying pre-owned jewellery, you can be 100% certain that you’re not contributing to the demand for new diamond jewellery.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get new jewellery that’s sustainable though, as there is an excellent alternative to gemstones mined from the earth. These are lab grown gemstones, which are made using exactly the same process as naturally occurring gemstones, except it takes place in a lab over a much shorter period of time. One of the lab-grown alternative gemstones we offer is cubic zirconia, which appears almost identical to real diamonds.

Gemstone fact: Celebrities often wear cubic zirconia replicas of their ‘natural’ diamond jewellery as it’s so difficult to tell the difference and they’re often cheaper. 


Is It Worth Buying Second Hand Jewellery?

It can be hard to get excited about buying used jewellery, especially when there could be issues with quality and dealing with unreliable sellers can cause stress. Generally, buying new is the best way forward and allows you to enjoy all of the fun parts of buying a stunning new piece of jewellery.

Unreliable Sellers

As with any industry, the used jewellery market has its fair share of untrustworthy retailers. We always recommend shopping with a reputable jeweller rather than buying from eBay or Facebook Marketplace. 

Even when shopping with a jewellery retailer it’s important to make sure that you can trust them. Some of the best tips we have for finding a trustworthy jeweller is to check their professional accreditation to ensure that they are a legitimate seller and read their reviews, to get an idea of how other customers' experiences have been buying from this source.

For more information on how to spot a trustworthy jeweller, check out our blog.

Authenticity is not guaranteed

Unfortunately, as some sellers are unreliable and untrustworthy, if you're buying used jewellery, you're less likely to enjoy the benefit of a certificate of authentication that comes with all of our new gold jewellery. When buying online, it can be difficult to tell the difference between real and fake jewellery, especially if it’s fake gold, as this can be made to look incredibly real. Buying new jewellery from a reputable seller can ensure that you avoid this issue.

The difference between fake and “costume” jewellery

There is some jewellery which is designed to be cheaper to buy such as “costume” jewellery, which uses semi-precious stones, and man-made stones to create jewellery that looks stylish but won’t be made from solid gold. Often, those who are buying costume jewellery know exactly what they are buying and aren’t expecting solid gold items.

"Fake" jewellery, however, uses similar components to costume jewellery but is sold as a more expensive item, deceiving customers into believing they are purchasing a legitimate solid gold piece of jewellery. It’s common for these to be marked as 18ct as if it were solid gold, but in fact, it is a much cheaper metal which has been gold plated.


What To Consider Before Buying Used Jewellery

When making the decision on whether or not to buy used jewellery, there are a few things you may want to consider first. After all, buying any piece of fine jewellery can be seen as an investment and you want to make sure your purchase is worthwhile. If you’re weighing up whether to buy new or used, you’ll want to make sure you’re confident in your final decision.

Are you buying from the right supplier?

The first thing you should check before purchasing used jewellery is that the supplier is an Assay Assured jewellery specialist. This will give you peace of mind that you're buying from a reputable source.

At Hatton Jewellers, we’ll also ensure that you receive a certificate of authenticity with your jewellery and that it features an official UK hallmark stamp, to guarantee its legitimacy and indicate which precious metal the jewellery has been crafted from.

Would buying new jewellery be a better option?

Even if you’re considering buying second-hand jewellery, it’s okay to concede that pre-owned pieces aren’t for everyone. Although there are benefits, there are some that simply prefer to buy brand new pieces to enjoy the wider range of benefits. 

Used jewellery can seem more cost-effective from one perspective, but it’s important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each before making a decision which best suits you.


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