Valentines Day Top Jewellery Gifts For Your Partner


    1. For Her
    2. For Him
That special time of the year has come around once again: Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your partner just how much they mean to you; showering them with jewellery and gifts, going out for a luxurious meal, preparing a day full of activities, or however else you choose to spend the most romantic day of the year. As with any special occasion, one of the most anticipated parts of the day will be exchanging gifts. Whether you’ve already agreed a set budget with your partner or you’re planning to splash out, there are loads of potential presents that you could choose from. But instead of opting for the standard box of chocolates, weekend break or bouquet of flowers, why not treat your partner to a piece of jewellery that they can treasure for the rest of their life? In this blog post, we take a look at some of the top jewellery gifts – from rings and watches to gold bracelets and chains – to make sure your partner feels the love this Valentine’s Day…  

For Her



When it comes to buying jewellery for her, rings are a gorgeous gesture. From diamond cluster rings to gemstone rings, to cocktail rings and everything in between, there’s a ring that’s just right for her. Most rings are available in a variety of finishes including white gold, yellow gold and platinum, so there’s a wide range of options for almost any budget. Alternatively, if you’re planning to propose, then why not make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with a beautiful diamond engagement ring?  


Tennis bracelets in particular have become extremely popular in recent years, gaining a reputation as a style of jewellery that can be worn with almost any outfit on any occasion, making them the perfect present. But these aren’t the only types of bracelet that work well as a Valentine’s gift for her; depending on her style, presidential Rolex style bracelets, stylish screw bangles and belcher bracelets are all great choices, too.  


Whether you’re looking for something more sentimental or simply another piece of jewellery to add to your partner’s collection, necklaces are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. From matching necklace and earring sets to eccentric drop necklaces, there’s an endless range of styles to choose from. Or if you’d like to buy a more personal piece, why not treat your partner to a birthstone necklace? Many believe these stones provide good luck and protection, depending on the traits associated with their zodiac sign.  

For Him



Solid gold chains have always been amongst the most popular types of jewellery for men. From chunky Miami Cuban link chains to belcher chains, there’s an incredibly diverse range to choose from – a gem-set gold chain could be the perfect Valentine’s present if you’re considering something more unique. What’s more, gold chains are also known as one of the best types of jewellery for investors as they don’t take as much craftsmanship as rings, watches and so on, therefore you can often find them for a much more affordable price per gram of gold.  


Watches have been amongst the most popular gentleman’s accessories since the start of time. They also make for a great Valentine’s Day gift, whether you’re looking for a more affordable watch to start off your partner’s collection or a rare, luxury Swiss watch to add to their set. Select a timeless timepiece and this is an item they’ll wear for years to come, making a watch a gift that keeps on giving.  


Iced out pendants have become very fashionable over the last decade, making their name as one of the most sought-after jewellery items for men. With hundreds of small sparkling gemstones perfectly aligned, this striking style creates a look that simply can’t be achieved any other way. Whether you want to buy them a more simple piece, like our iced out cross pendants, or a statement design, like our bulldog’s head pendants, you’ll be spoilt for choice by our iced out collection.   So there you have it, our top jewellery gifts for Valentine’s Day. What will you be treating your partner to this February? We’d love to hear! Why not let us know on Facebook or Instagram?