Winter weddings have become far more popular in recent years, especially in the UK. With everything that’s happened so far in 2020, we expect to see even more newly-engaged couples opt for a winter wedding over the next few years.

Of course, winter is the perfect time to cuddle up while Christmas has long been associated with romance; with people of all eras growing up on romantic Christmas films, such as “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “Love Actually”. But apart from this additional sense of romance and festivity, what’s so good about a winter wedding?

In this blog post, we discuss ten reasons why winter weddings are so popular.

Make The Festive Season Even More Special

The festive season is already a special time of the year; but imagine getting married and having your honeymoon, then celebrating Christmas and New Years, all in the space of a few weeks! Understandably, being surrounded by friends and family will seriously enhance your festive spirit and ensure that the first few weeks of being a married couple feel even more special.

Not Your Average Wedding

Due to the pandemic, many weddings that were scheduled for 2020 have been postponed. This means that wedding venues already have a huge backlog of bookings for next summer; and that’s without all of the newly-engaged couples that may also be planning their summer weddings for 2021 and 2022. 

With this in mind, there’s likely to be an influx of weddings in summer 2021 and beyond. If your nuptials have already been delayed, why not beat the crowd and tie the knot this winter? 

Affordable Venue Costs

With wedding off-season taking place between November and April, venues generally offer more affordable wedding packages through this period. So much so, that a winter weekend wedding often costs a similar amount to a summer weekday wedding. These savings could even give you the extra budget to afford a nicer venue than you had originally planned. 

For additional savings, why not buy a “pre-loved” or used wedding ring, or buy your engagement ring using a payment plan?

Winter Warmth

A common theme for winter weddings is to have different options for guests if it gets too cold. Depending on your venue restrictions, this could include open fireplaces, providing guests with fur blankets or hot water bottles, or even just ensuring that hot food is always available on demand. These small additions will add to the festive spirit, creating a sense of warmth and comfort.

Snowy Photo Backdrops

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of a winter wedding is the potential for snow. The beautiful, scenic gardens of a country manor house will look even more incredible when set with snow, making for some amazing photograph opportunities for everyone involved. If you’ve made the right preparations based on our last tip, then the cold won’t be a problem either!

Minimal Risk Of Hot Weather

If you’ve ever been to a wedding on a hot day, you’ll understand the discomfort that comes from wearing a bridesmaids dress or three-piece suit all day in 25°C+ heat. When tying the knot in winter, the only risk of overheating comes from standing too close to the open fireplace! This means no emergency deodorant and no risk of embarrassing sweat patches whilst walking up the aisle. As winter weddings usually take place indoors, you won’t need to stress about bad weather ruining your day either!

An Even Better Honeymoon

Winter honeymoons are better than summer honeymoons for so many reasons. If you love a bit of festive snow then you could head over to New York for a perfect Christmas honeymoon. Or, if you’re in need of some winter sun, jet off to somewhere a bit warmer, such as The Maldives or Australia. 

Of course, with the money that you’ve saved from buying a pre-loved engagement ring on finance, you could even have a multiple-destination honeymoon!

More Affordable For Guests

Not only are winter weddings cheaper for the husband and bride, but they’re usually a lot cheaper for guests, too. Everything from travel arrangements to accommodation should benefit from a small price discount in the out-of-season months. 

This often means that more guests are able to attend a winter wedding. You may also have more guests attending in winter months for less obvious reasons; for example, guests are less likely to have prior commitments such as family holidays or social events.

More Flexibility With Suppliers

As suppliers are likely to have less bookings than during the summer months, this means there’s generally a lot more flexibility; both in terms of the prices that you can negotiate and the availability of certain packages. This also means that suppliers often have more time to focus on each customer, so you may benefit from a more personalised service than if you were to have a summer wedding.

Diverse Colour Options

One of the more overlooked benefits of winter weddings is the diverse range of colour options that you can use for decorations and flower bouquets. Whereas in warmer months it’s more favourable to use bright colours to match the weather, it’s generally a lot easier to use a wider collection of rich colour palettes in the colder months. For example, brown and dark green can be intricately mixed in with wood, while red berries and pine trees create a true festive atmosphere. Or, if you’d rather choose a more bright, uplifting colour palette, then you could add a glow with fake snow, scented candles and fairy lights.


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