Engagement rings are a beautiful and highly sentimental piece of jewellery, but not necessarily a piece that is automatically associated with men’s jewellery. However, men's engagement rings are rising in popularity, and it's easy to see why with such a stunning array of jewellery available. Traditionally, a man would present a woman with an engagement ring for her to wear, which signifies their commitment to marry one another. 

Times have changed, however, and it’s now common to see men wearing engagement rings too. It’s a completely personal choice and, here at Hatton Jewellers, we’re all about helping people find timeless pieces of jewellery they’ll treasure forever. In this blog, we’re talking all about men’s engagement rings, and how to choose the right men’s ring for your personal style

Should Men Wear an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring symbolises love and commitment to a partner - a feeling that’s not gender-specific. Traditionally, when a man asked for a woman’s hand in marriage, she would wear a ring to symbolise that she is “spoken for”. These days engagement rings signify love and commitment no matter how you identify. 

Men’s engagement rings aren’t a brand new thing. In fact, in the 1920s, Macy’s, which is one of the US’s most popular department stores, launched an advertising campaign centred around men’s engagement rings. Since then it has been more common to see men wearing engagement rings and even celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Johnny Depp and Michael Bublé have been seen wearing them with pride.

What Finger Does a Man's Engagement Ring Go on?

As the trend of men wearing engagement rings is still on the rise, there are fewer expectations on how men should or shouldn’t style them. For example, a woman will typically wear an engagement ring on her left ring finger, as this is the same finger that a wedding ring is worn on - a tradition dating back to the ancient Romans who believed that this finger had a vein running directly to the heart.

Some men choose to match this tradition and wear their engagement ring on their left finger too, whilst others wear it on the ring finger of their right hand. The finger on which the ring is worn is less important for men and the emphasis is instead put on their choice to wear an engagement ring to signal equality with their partner, regardless of their genders. 

What Do Men's Engagement Rings Look Like?

Men's engagement rings come in a stunning array of different styles and colours, from rose gold to white gold and platinum. Typically, a woman’s engagement ring features a bold diamond or gemstone, whereas men’s engagement rings often don’t have a gemstone. If a gent does choose an engagement ring featuring gemstones, it’s common for them to be placed subtly, rather than centred as the focal point.


Yellow gold is a favoured colour for men’s engagement rings as it looks classy and wears extremely well. This type of gold also looks great as a truly stand-out piece of jewellery, complementing other accessories a man would wear. White gold and rose gold are also highly popular, with the latter carrying stronger connotations of love and romanticism - perfect for a ring that signifies lifelong commitment.


Often, gemstones such as diamonds won’t take centre stage on a man’s engagement ring and instead the focus will be on the overall design. If stones are used on a man’s engagement ring, it’s likely that they will be smaller ones embedded into the ring, rather than having one large, show-stopping stone which is synonymous with women’s engagement rings.


The width of men’s rings generally differ more compared to women’s rings, due to the slightly different designs available. It’s more common to see a man wearing a thicker band-style ring than it is a thinner-style ring, although this is usually based on personal preference. 

Personal style will often determine the width of the ring, although it is common for men to choose a ring between 3mm and 6mm width. Don’t take this as a must, though, as there are slimmer options available, should you want a more elegant ring. Different widths will have an impact on the style of the ring. A Court or a D-shape band will offer soft round edges, whilst a flat or bevelled band will have sharper edges. 

Popular Men's Engagement Ring Styles

Yellow gold is one of the most popular metals to be used to craft men’s engagement rings. Not only is it a durable metal when it’s between 9ct to 18ct (24ct is too soft and not suitable for making jewellery), which has great resistance against wear and tear, but it also has a very sophisticated appearance. Gold is a great gender-neutral choice for engagement rings. 

Thick ring bands without any gemstones are also extremely popular, allowing for a more subtle but still extremely stylish ring option for men. Although their appearance is less extravagant, without a large stone fronting the design, this doesn’t mean that they’re any less eye-catching. 

Some of the more unique designs feature an engraving on the ring rather than any gemstones. These can be anything from engravings of initials to extravagant patterns. A more personal touch can be a popular choice as it offers a unique and alternative style of ring whilst maintaining a very classy appearance. 

Top Tips For Choosing a Man's Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring for that special man in your life doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, if you take a step back and think about who you’re buying for it will likely be a far easier decision as you can make a truly personal choice based on the preferences you know your other half loves.

Here are our top tips to help you choose the perfect ring: 

Set your budget

The most important starting point of making any financial decision is to set your budget. This will help guide you and manage your expectations. It doesn’t matter whether your budget is large or small as we have a wide selection of options available at a range of price points. Don’t worry if you’re not spending thousands of pounds on a ring, you can still get an absolutely stunning piece of jewellery that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Personal style

Each man’s style will differ, as well as their preferences on the specifics of jewellery such as metal, style and width, so base your engagement ring choice based on what you know about the kind of jewellery your other half likes. 

If the man in your life prefers subtle and stylish accessories, a plain yellow gold band is likely to be more suitable than a bold ring laden with gemstones. However, if he’s a fan of eye-catching pieces then a white gold or platinum ring with large stones will almost definitely hit the mark.

Different Metals

Different metals can provide unique appearances and wear differently over time, so it’s important to take this into account when making your choice.

Gold - Yellow / White / Rose

The three different types of gold, which include yellow, white and rose gold, are extremely popular choices for rings and other types of jewellery. The different colours will work with different outfits. For example, white gold can look very attractive with other similarly coloured pieces, whilst yellow gold will stand out against other rings with its eye-catching appearance. Rose gold is a great option when looking for a piece of jewellery that looks completely unique.

It’s important to always choose solid gold and never settle for gold plated, as it can become easily damaged and even chip, completely removing chunks of gold plate. To give you full peace of mind when buying gold jewellery from us, we ensure each piece of gold jewellery we sell comes with an Official UK Hallmark Stamp.  


Platinum is commonly used for jewellery due to its extreme durability and stylish appearance. The hard-wearing nature of platinum means that it won’t get damaged easily and will maintain its pristine look for long periods of time.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is a great alternative to standard silver and gold options as it provides a rather unique colour. The bold dark grey/charcoal colour of the material makes it a great option for a men’s engagement ring.

How to Choose the Right Size Ring

Guessing the size of a ring when buying for someone else can be difficult and even the smallest size difference could result in a very tight or loose fitting ring. The best way to find out what size engagement ring to buy a man is by looking at other rings he wears and taking a measurement. If you want to be discreet and purchase the ring without them knowing, this is your best bet for choosing the right size.

Alternatively, if buying the ring isn’t a surprise then taking the person you’re buying for with you into a jewellery shop is the best course of action. A jeweller will help you to discover your partner’s exact ring size, ensuring that the ring you’re buying will fit perfectly.

Resizing Your Ring

If a ring doesn’t quite fit - either it’s too large and slips off the finger, or it’s too small and just won’t go on - you can have it resized. To have the ring made larger, a jeweller will simply make a small cut and insert a piece of the ring metal to increase the overall circumference. To make a ring smaller, a similar cut into the ring is made, with a small piece of metal being removed. This process can be completed with absolutely no trace of any incisions for a flawless finish. 

Where to Shop for Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a very important and highly sentimental piece of jewellery, so you want to ensure you’re buying the best quality possible. It’s important to choose a reputable jeweller you can trust. 

At Hatton Jewellers, all of our jewellery comes with an official UK hallmark stamp and an insurance valuation and certificate of authenticity, which means you can enjoy peace of mind when you choose us. Not only do we provide beautiful, stand-out jewellery, we also have a large range of different pieces available to help you coordinate your jewellery collection. From rings and chains to lockets and bracelets, we have an excellent selection for both men and women.

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