Popular Jewellery FAQs Answered By A Jewellery Expert

Gold jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes with various gold rings, gold chains, gold earrings and more to choose from. But, with so much choice of gold jewellery, you’re bound to have lots of questions that are in need of answers. 

With over 40 years in business, our team of jewellery experts have gained a lot of knowledge on the products that we offer. So, to help put you in the know, Hatton Jewellers’ founder, Robert Cuomo, is answering some of the most popular gold jewellery FAQs.

What Is Fine Gold Jewellery?

Fine gold jewellery is jewellery that is made solely of solid gold, and often incorporates natural, high-quality gemstones too. This is different to fashion jewellery (also known as costume jewellery), which is made using cheaper metals such as brass, with a thin coating of precious metal; this is often referred to as ‘gold-plated’ jewellery. Typically costume jewellery will be much cheaper to buy and sold in clothes stores, however fine gold jewellery will be sold by an official jeweller.

How Do I Tell Whether My Gold Jewellery Is Real?

The best way to tell if your gold jewellery is real is by checking the hallmark stamp on your piece of jewellery; this gives you a clear indication as to whether or not your jewellery is authentic. When buying from a professional jeweller, you should also receive a certificate of authenticity to further prove that the gold jewellery you’re buying is real.

When shopping with Hatton Jewellers, you can be confident that you’re only buying top-quality fine jewellery - this is evident by our Assay Assured Hallmark and certificate of authenticity provided with every product.

What Is The Best Type Of Gold For Fine Jewellery?

People have always seemed to be enticed by the sound of ‘24-carat gold’, but this isn’t suitable for jewellery due to how soft it is. To get the most from your money, we’d recommend buying 9-carat gold, also displayed as 9ct or 9k. This is also the most durable purity as it contains a higher level of harder alloy. We also manufacture jewellery in 14ct or 14k and 18ct or 18k gold for those who want a higher gold purity.

How Is Gold Jewellery Polished?

Gold jewellery is extremely easy to polish yourself. However, you can take it to a jeweller to have it professionally cleaned and buffed too. If you choose to polish your jewellery yourself, you’ll need to clean it first. Follow these steps:

  1. Soak your gold jewellery in soapy warm water for five minutes
  2. Carefully brush the gold piece with a soft brush
  3. Rinse the jewellery in clean water
  4. Dry and use a polishing cloth to finish

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Gold Jewellery?

We usually recommend getting your jewellery cleaned professionally every six months, even if you also clean it at home. In between these regular cleans you can protect your jewellery by storing it in a clean location, avoiding high temperatures and by using home cleaning remedies. 

Find out how to clean your jewellery by checking out our expert guide. 

Can I Buy Gold Jewellery Online?

You can buy authentic solid gold jewellery both online and from a high-street store, but buying online comes with a whole host of benefits. When buying gold jewellery online, though, it’s important to do your research on a jeweller before making a purchase. This includes reading their reviews, exploring the products on their website and examining pictures to look for hallmark stamps.

By carrying out this research you can ensure that you only buy jewellery from a trustworthy jeweller who is going to sell you a legitimate gold piece.

What Is The Most Popular Style Of Gold Jewellery?

Different styles of jewellery go through phases of popularity. For example, rose gold has risen in popularity over the last few years and has been a popular choice for more than just jewellery, such as ornaments and accessories too. That being said, both yellow gold and white gold will always be timeless classics when it comes to choosing a type of gold to wear. 

Can I Wear Gold Jewellery Every Day?

You can wear your solid gold jewellery every day, however, this will increase wear and tear on the piece. There are no health implications to wearing it every day, however, you will need to clean and polish your jewellery more regularly to ensure it remains in top condition. It’s also a good idea to take off your jewellery for physical activities and before swimming. 

As gold is alloyed with another metal, it’s far more durable than if pure gold was used to craft jewellery. Pure gold is extremely malleable, so by mixing it with another metal, it becomes far more suitable for regular wear.

Can I Wear Gold Jewellery In The Shower?

Water won’t damage your gold jewellery as it is one of the least reactive metals in the periodic table and therefore won’t react with water and oxygen the same way that, for example, iron would. Repeatedly wearing your gold jewellery in the shower will reduce the shininess of your gold piece though. 

Can I Damage Gold Jewellery?

Gold jewellery can become damaged if not looked after properly. Scratches and dents are the most common way that gold jewellery is damaged as this can happen without you necessarily noticing it. Chlorine can also erode the finish of solid gold jewellery, resulting in the piece looking more ‘dull’ so it might be a good idea to take your precious pieces off before you go for a dip in the pool. The best way to reduce the risk of your gold jewellery becoming damaged is to remove it before engaging in any physical activities, sports or swimming.

Delicate pieces of fine jewellery such as iced out rings or small solid gold chains and bracelets can also become damaged if knocked or scuffed, so it’s important to store your gold jewellery safely too.

Where Should I Store My Gold Jewellery?

Storing your gold properly is extremely important, not only to preserve its quality but for its safety too. Some of our top tips for correctly storing your jewellery include keeping it in a dry environment with low humidity levels as moisture can tarnish the metal. You should also separate your gold pieces from any other jewellery made from a different metal to prevent metals from coming into contact with each other and tarnishing.

Learn more about how to store gold in our useful guide.

What Is The Best Gold Chain Length?

Choosing the right size of gold chain typically depends on the style of chain you prefer and the outfits you love to wear. Generally, if the chain is thinner in width, a shorter length will look better, just as a chunkier chain will suit a longer length. 

It’s also a good idea to match the length of the chain to your outfit. For example, a long chunky chain will be better suited to a casual outfit, whereas a shorter thin chain will look better with a formal fit.

What’s The Most Common Gold Ring Size For Men And Women?

The most common ring sizes for men is between S and V, and for women, it is between L and P. If I had to choose one specific size it would be T for men and L for women.

What Should I Do If My Gold Ring Doesn’t Fit?

Although there are several ways to estimate someone’s ring size, I know how difficult it can be to get it spot on. If you buy a ring that doesn’t match your partner’s finger there’s no need to worry, you can always get it resized. Some people actually prefer to just buy the ring in a generic size and get it resized later to avoid the stress. It’s important to note that some ring settings will be more difficult to resize than others, such as thicker bands and Titanium, leading to a longer and more expensive process.

What Is The Most Popular Cut For Gold & Diamond Engagement Rings?

Engagement ring trends have changed a lot over the years, but in my experience, the most popular diamond cut is generally the round cut. Other popular cuts for diamond engagement rings include the princess cut, the emerald cut and the marquise cut. Each of these types of cut creates a truly extravagant look when contrasted against the solid gold ring.

How Do Hatton Jewellers Manage To Sell High-Quality Gold Jewellery At Affordable Prices?

A lot of people don’t know this, but most high-street jewellers have a mark-up in excess of 300% on fine gold jewellery. Our business model focuses on high turnover and low-profit margins, which allows us to offer the same high-quality products at lower prices. We also manufacture most of our new jewellery in-house and avoid having stores in high-rent shopping centres, unlike many of the high-street jewellers, which allows us to pass further savings on to our customers.

If you have any more questions about gold jewellery, drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, come and visit us at our London jewellery store and ask us in person.