Online shopping has become extremely popular, especially when it comes to items of jewellery such as gold chains, diamond rings and more. Buying jewellery online can mean that you have access to a wider selection of pieces and are able to take advantage of different payment methods. With high quality images of jewellery pieces and next day delivery, there are lots of benefits when compared with high-street shopping.

When it comes to online shopping, there’s usually a far wider range of options to choose from than on the high street and it’s often easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition, you can get your hands on some incredible deals if you know what to keep an eye out for. To help you get your hands on the best deals, we've pulled together ten top ways to save money when buying jeweller online.

1. Get To Know Your Jewellery

It always helps to be prepared before making an online purchase. This means knowing what you want, and setting a budget for it. If you haven’t already, it could be worth doing some research on the jewellery that you’re after; it’s likely that you’ll find some useful insider tips to help you make sure you're getting good value for money when you do dive in and make the purchase. 

For example, understanding the 4 Cs and knowing how to spot fake gold is invaluable if you’re looking for diamond jewellery. Having this knowledge can be helpful as you’ll know exactly what a good quality diamond looks like and whether the price tag is giving you good value for money. Knowing whether a gold piece is fake or not will make sure you don’t end up wasting money on a fake piece and means that you will only end up adding officially certified solid gold to your impressive jewellery collection.

You'll find plenty of advice and inspiration over on our jewellery blog, or check out our expert guides for even more insight

2. Check for ‘SALE’ Categories

On some sites, the best deals may not be noticeable straight away and may not feature in the first page you land on. By having a little click around a website, you’ll likely discover a  ‘SALE’ category, which houses all of the best discounts currently available. On this page you’ll be able to tap into a goldmine of stunning jewellery available with a more affordable price tag.

The site may even have multiple pages, offering discounts, such as a ‘Clearance’ page. Additional categories such as these offer last chance bargains on jewellery, potentially due to the pieces being discontinued or the end of a stock line. 

3. Don’t Check Out Straight Away

So, you’ve found your gem but don’t check out just yet. As eager as you may be to receive your dispatch notification, holding off for a short while could lead to some tasty savings. Some online retailers offer discount codes for abandoned carts — i.e. if you exit the site or don’t check out straight away — in order to entice potential customers to make a purchase. With this in mind, waiting a few hours before checking out could lead to a nice discount voucher in your inbox.

But don't forget to go back to your cart! We'd recommend setting a reminder on your phone or keeping that tab saved on your browser to make sure you don't lose out on getting your hands on the perfect piece of gold jewellery.

4. Subscribe For Exclusive Offers

Next time you see a “Subscribe To Our Mailing List” pop up on one of your favourite websites, click it! Many online retailers (hi there!) have mailing lists with exclusive marketing promotions or voucher codes. Some even offer a discount code for simply signing up to the mailing list. It's likely you'll be first in line for some good deals and you'll get plenty of inspo delivered straight to your inbox too!

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5. Use Discount Code Websites

Generic discount code websites can often give you a fast track to a good deal. There are various Google Chrome Extensions that automatically test and apply any discount codes that have been recently claimed by another user. 

Two of the most popular extensions are Honey and Pouch. Simply download the Chrome Extension and, next time you’re browsing your favourite online retailer, any relevant vouchers will be applied automatically at checkout.

6. Use Interest-Free Finance Credit

Using interest-free finance credit to pay for an online purchase is one of the fastest-growing consumer trends. It allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over a period of time that suits you, without paying any extra interest. One of the most popular finance providers is Klarna, but there are also many other options including Paypal’s own interest-free credit service. Other finance options we offer at Hatton Jewellers includes Clearpay and Novuna Consumer Finance so you don’t have to save up for an all-in-one splurge - you can pay for your jewellery in instalments.

7. Seasonal Discounts

Waiting for seasonal sales can lead to huge savings, particularly with high-value purchases. Most online retailers offer some form of promotion or discount code at many seasonal events throughout the year. If you leave your big purchases until Black Friday, Boxing Day or New Year, then you’re almost guaranteed to find a good deal. Don’t discard other times of the year, though, as there may also be other seasonal offers available. For example, many jewellers also offer seasonal promotions around Valentine’s Day.

Knowing whether or not a seasonal deal is worth its salt comes back to our earlier point about understanding the value of gold, as some jewellers may slap a huge price tag on a ring only to drop it to the standard amount on Valentine's Day and label it a ‘deal’. At Hatton Jewellers, we take our reputation as a trustworthy jewellers seriously, so you know that when you see a discount offer from us, it’s the real deal. 

8. Save On Delivery Fees

Many retailers offer free delivery when you spend over a certain amount, so it’s always worth shopping around to find a company that does this. Sometimes, it can only be a small fee, but you’d be surprised at how fast delivery fees can add up if you’re making several online purchases each month. If you find a retailer that offers free next day delivery and free returns - like us - then even better.

9. Follow Your Favourite Brands

If you use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on, it can pay dividends to follow your favourite brands. Whether they’re releasing information about new products, teasing upcoming promotions or sharing exclusive discount codes for their followers, this can be a great way to be the first to hear about what’s going on.

10. Avoid Unreliable Websites

This is often easier said than done when looking for a good deal, but avoid falling into the trap of buying from an unreliable website. Do your due diligence before buying from a site that you’ve never used before. This includes reading up on their reviews from a reliable site like Trustpilot, asking any friends that have used them before about their shopping experience, and looking for professional accreditation or any signs of credibility within their specialism. For example, when shopping for fine jewellery, it can be worth looking for the jewellers’ Assay Assured certificate


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