Hoop earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery around. A classic piece for women or men of all ages, hoop earrings are now more popular than ever. As one of the oldest pieces of jewellery, hoop earrings symbolise many powerful messages and have a fascinating history.

In this blog, Hatton Jewellers shares everything you need to know about hoop earrings, from their rich history to how they are made - plus how to care for and clean your hoop earrings.

What Do Hoop Earrings Symbolise?

Hoop earrings are worn by an abundance of people all over the world as they carry different meanings across various cultures. Hoop earrings are often considered empowering and symbolise strength, unity and wholeness. As a women’s accessory, hoop earrings represent female strength and represent femininity, while for many ethnic cultures they represent their history and heritage. 

For many years, hoop earrings have been a symbol of royal power and authority as well as acting as protection against evil spirits. Today, they are viewed as a stylish and classy fashion accessory.

The History of Hoop Earrings

The origin of hoop earrings 

First worn by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Asians and Egypritains, hoop earrings were first seen to identify tribal members. The very first pair of hoop earrings originated in around 2500 BCE in what is now known as Sudan, where hoop earrings were typically crafted from gold, silver and bronze. By 1000 BCE the hoop earring trend began to be adopted by other cultures around the world. 

Egyptian men and women began to wear glamorous hoops in 1500 BCE as they believed the earrings enhanced their beauty while also symbolising wealth and power. Hoop earrings were also embraced by ancient Rome and Greek cultures, worn predominately by women and men of high social status. 

Hoop earrings in the 1600s 

In the 1600s, Europe saw a decline in women and men’s earrings as they embraced elaborate hairstyles and headpieces. This was followed by pear-shaped pearl earrings during the 1700s and men beginning to only wear an earring in one ear. 

During the 1820s, lighter gold hoop earrings grew in popularity and also in size as fashion trends represented historical styles and took inspiration from Roman cultures. 

The hoop earring trends continue into the 20th century 

By 1920, jewellery trends changed as people embraced simpler hairstyles, lower cut outfits and updos that flaunted their earrings. The discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamen in 1922  rebirthed the notion of gold hoop earring symbolising power and high social status.

Hoop earrings made the perfect finishing touch to any outfit throughout the 20th century, as shoulders were exposed with low-cut blouses and short hairstyles. A pair of gorgeous hoop earrings matched perfectly. Thanks to hip hop culture and Latino influences, hoops continue to be popular amongst women throughout the 2000s. 

How Are Gold Hoop Earrings Made?

Hoop earrings are generally designed and made in Italy or Turkey, made from tubes that have been engineered with high precision machinery. They generally can’t be made by hand as they require such a high level of detailing and it's often best left to professional jewellers and gold specialists to craft the most perfect pair of hoop earrings.

How to Look After Your Hoop Earrings

When it comes to gold hoop earrings you should always look after them using the best care advice. From storing your jewellery properly to giving them a clean so they keep on gleaming, there are a few simple care tasks you should do to make sure your hoop earrings last a lifetime. 

Storing your gold hoop earrings 

When storing your hoop earrings and other gold jewellery you should never leave your special pieces on your bedside table for long periods of time. Good hoop earrings can easily become scratched when storing them amongst other types of metal and different gold textures. We recommend that you store your glamorous jewellery individually in a dust-free location. 

A great option is to keep your jewellery in the boxes they originally came in as these will keep your pieces sparkling and always tucked away in a safe place. This also ensures your gold hoop earrings are kept away from direct sunlight, decreases the chances of scratches occurring and helps your gold stay shining for years to come. 

Keeping your hoop earrings tarnish free 

There are many ways to care for your gold hoop earrings to keep them looking perfectly tarnish-free.

Whether you are in the bath, shower, hot tub or having a swim, you should always take off your hoop earrings and store them safely to avoid them becoming scratched and tarnished. It’s also recommended to not wear them when undertaking sports to avoid excess moisture tarnishing your earrings, or your earrings getting caught while undertaking any physical activity. 

It’s best to put your gold hoop earrings in after you've applied any lotions, sprays, makeup and more as any chemicals within these products could potentially damage and tarnish your favourite earrings. 

Cleaning your gold hoops  

When it comes to cleaning your jewellery, especially gold, you will want to avoid any harsh or abrasive materials that could damage your hoop earrings. Start with warm water and a small amount of soup, leave your jewellery to soak for 10 minutes and then gently clean them off using a soft brush such as a toothbrush. 

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